We work in media/technology and like it.
We play squash and love it.
We combined our work and play to create doubledot.com.

Eligibility requirements are simple.
Just answer "yes" to these questions: Do you play squash? Do you work in media or tech?
If you're struggling with question two, here are some hints. Join us if you work: 
* In old media or new media or software or hardware, 
* For a 30,000-person multi-national cross-platform highly-branded vertically-integrated media company or yourself, 
* In a hoodie, khakis and button-down, or black mock turtleneck, 
* As a front-end developer or in back-office operations, 
* Out of a corner office or corner Starbucks, or 
* With HTML5, wireframes, insertion orders, product roadmaps, or cash flow statements.

Once a month we play squash in New York City and then find a nearby restaurant for burgers and beers. We reserve a few courts for a couple of hours and play a round robin. Players of all skill levels are welcome:
* Some of us have been playing for decades. Others have been playing for weeks.
* Some of us are really good. Others once were.
* Some know the difference between a stroke and let. Others think they do.
* Some move really well on the court and have great stamina. Others eat a lot of french fries.

We're David and James
James came up with the idea. David came up with the name. We held our first round robin in July 2012.
David said that if we're lucky we'll find 10 members. James was confident we'd get 20.
There are 134 of us now. And we're looking for more. Join us!